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Introducing the Partners —

Known as the Redlands Partners, the Center for Learning and Leadership (The Center), the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) and the Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. (ODLC) are considered sibling agencies because they are related under one law.

Each agency functions under specific authority granted through the DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES ASSISTANCE AND BILL OF RIGHTS ACT. Known as the DD Act, this law defines the core responsibilities of these three organizations. Each is required to develop and conduct its work in such a way that the opportunities for INDEPENDENCE, PRODUCTIVITY and INCLUSION of people with developmental disabilities will be favorably affected. The programs must work to address the interests and concerns of constituents, pay attention to what changes for people at each stage of life–from birth through old age, and be conscious of how culture plays a role in people’s opportunities, interests and experiences in the community.

The Center, ODDC and ODLC each receive financial support and a core mandate from the United States Administration on Developmental Disabilities, Washington, D.C.

Subscribe to Newsletters —

  1. Center for Learning and Leadership “Focus Facts” Newsletter

    The Center publishes a regular newsletter for the siblings, known as Redlands Partners Update. If you want to become a subscriber who keeps up on sibling events and developmental disabilities issues in the State of Oklahoma, you may request to be included on a mailing list by contacting the Center at their email address.

  2. ODLC’s DD Network Internet List

    Each partner contributes to a DD Network internet list for the benefit of people with developmental disabilities, their families and people who represent or advocate for them. If you want to become a member of the DD Network internet list and fall within one of those categories, please send a blank email message to:

More About the Partners —

The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act contains four grant programs designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in reaching their maximum potential through increased independence, productivity, inclusion, and community integration. The major purpose of these four programs is for grantees to work with state governments, local communities, and the private sector to reach goals relating to prevention, diagnosis, early intervention, therapy, education, training, employment, health care and community living and leisure opportunities. Grants fund activities in eight areas of emphasis: quality assurance, education and early intervention, child care, health, employment, housing, transportation and recreation activities. These four grant programs provide funds for:

State Councils on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) pursue systems change in some aspect of service or support availability, design or delivery that promotes positive and meaningful outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. SCDD grantees pursue capacity building to sustain and expand activities that enable the successful delivery of services and supports that elicit consumer satisfaction. SCDD grantees also pursue advocacy activities that support policies and practices that promote self-determination and inclusion in the community. SCDDs support activities such as demonstration of new approaches, outreach training, public education, and information to policy-makers. Their national assocation is NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE COUNCIL ON DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES.

Ann Trudgeon Ann Trudgeon, Director, DD Council

Protection and Advocacy (P&A) systems, one in each state, protect the legal and human rights of individuals with developmental disabilities. P&A strategies include legal, administrative, and other remedies; information and referral; investigation of incidents of abuse and neglect; and education of policy-makers. Their national association is NATIONAL DISABILITY RIGHTS NETWORK.

Kayla A. Bower Kayla A. Bower, JD, Director, P&A

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) are components of a university system or are public or not-for-profit entities associated with universities. UCEDDs provide interdisciplinary pre-service preparation of students and fellows, community service activities, and the dissemination of information and research findings. Their national association is NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES.

Valerie Williams Dr. Valerie Williams, Director, Center for Learning and Leaderhsip


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