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Our Mission

The Mission of the Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. is to protect, promote and expand the rights of people with disabilities.

Belief Statement

The ODLC mission reflects a belief that people with disabilities are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect; to be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination. The ODLC mission also reflects the belief that people with disabilities are entitled to equal rights and to equally effective access to the same opportunities as are afforded to other members of society.

The law center protects the legal and human rights of individuals with developmental disabilities in accordance with the federal statute. The law center is a member of the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), which is the national association of protection and advocacy systems.

Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc.’s board of directors establishes priorities and objectives for each fiscal year.

The law center incorporates into this website a newsletter on employment law to increase general knowledge in this area.

Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Programs:

  • PADD for persons with developmental disabilities
  • PAIMI for persons with serious mental illness
  • PAIR for persons with a disability
  • PABSS for persons who are beneficiaries of Social Security
  • PATBI for persons with traumatic brain injury
  • PAVA for voting by people with disabilities
  • PAAT for assistive technology for people with disabilities

Priorities and Objectives for Programs:

  1. Prevention of abuse and neglect (PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PATBI)

  2. Prevention of discrimination based on disability (PADD, PAIMI, PAIR)

  3. Understand and receive procedural due process rights in public benefits (PADD, PAIMI, PAIR)

  4. Receive a free appropriate public education (PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PATBI, PAAT)

  5. Educate and improve self-advocacy for persons with disabilities (PADD, PAIMI, PAIR, PATBI, PABSS, PAAT)

  6. Advocate for persons with disabilities seeking employment (PABSS)

  7. Educate public about legal rights of people with disabilities to have equal access to vote and monitor Oklahoma’s progress in implementing the Help America Vote Act (PAVA)

  8. Advocate for access to appropriate assistive technology (PAAT)

An example of initiation of an investigation by ODLC for the benefit of people with disabilities

Colorado P&A Investigation of Bessemer Academy, Pueblo School District, Colorado (public report)

DYSLEXIA IS DEFINITELY COVERED BY IDEA, so says the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Read their opinion and show to your child’s school if they tell you otherwise. click here

If you need help with obtaining an appropriate education for your child with dyslexia, contact our office. click here

You Need To Know This:

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The webcasts provide details on OSTP accommodations. The webcasts are a two-part series and should be viewed together.


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